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Circular Economy Award

“We are running out of time, we don’t have another planet to live on. We have to be part of the solution, not part of the problem” Carolina Blázquez (Head of Innovation and Sustainability at ECOALF).

It must be a decision. Each one of us, from our own place, must start working for the solution, and not remain static saying “we have a problem”.

A few weeks ago we told you that we acquired the “ZERO WASTE” certificate from Bureau Veritas, and we also told you that it was the first step, that our commitment continued. 

Therefore, today we are happy to announce that the National Consortium of Rubber Industrialists convened in February 2021 the III Circular Economy Award of the Rubber sector and that Martisan Bandex, together with Bridgestone Hispania Manufacturing SL, we have been awarded. 

The award recognizes the efforts and success of MARTISAN BANDEX S.L and BRIDGESTONE HISPANIA MANUFACTURING S.L (Burgos plant) in their respective categories for improving ENVIRONMENTAL INDICATORS in 2019 and 2020 relating to:

Waste generation

Energy consumption

Solvent consumption (VOCs)

The Circular Economy Award

This award aims to encourage continuous improvement in the field of Circular Economy, promoting the implementation of actions aimed at achieving higher levels of transparency and good governance, environmental impact management and sustainable economic growth, while fostering relationships so that the associated companies in the rubber sector are a reference today and in the future of environmental management.

The award will be presented at the Assembly of the National Consortium of Rubber Manufacturers to be held in December 2021.

This action is part of the numerous activities carried out by the National Consortium of Rubber Industrialists to promote, energize, train, advise and encourage the CIRCULAR ECONOMY in its sector as part of the commitment acquired as a signatory entity of the NATIONAL PACT FOR A CIRCULAR ECONOMY and, more specifically, the commitment acquired in point 10. 

“To promote the incorporation of indicators of the social and environmental impact derived from the operation of companies, in order to be able to evaluate beyond the economic benefits generated in the same, as a consequence of their commitment to the circular economy”

What is the national pact for the circular economy?

The Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment and Economy, Industry and Competitiveness have promoted the Pact for the Circular Economy in order to involve the main economic and social agents in Spain in the transition towards this new economic model.

The signatories are committed to promoting the transition to a circular economy by means of some of the following actions:

1. To advance in the reduction of the use of non-renewable natural resources, reusing the materials contained in waste as secondary raw materials in the production cycle, as long as the health of people and the protection of the environment are guaranteed.

2. To promote the analysis of the life cycle of products and the incorporation of eco-design criteria, reducing the introduction of harmful substances in their manufacture, facilitating the reparability of the goods produced, prolonging their useful life and enabling their recovery at the end of it.

3. To favor the effective application of the principle of waste hierarchy, promoting the prevention of its generation, encouraging reuse, strengthening recycling and favoring its traceability.

4. Promote a responsible consumption model, based on the transparency of information on the characteristics of goods and services, their duration and energy efficiency, through the use of measures such as the use of the eco-label.

5. To disseminate the importance of moving from a linear economy to a circular economy, promoting the transparency of processes, awareness and sensitization of citizens.

6. Promote the incorporation of indicators of the social and environmental impact derived from the operation of the companies, in order to be able to evaluate beyond the economic benefits generated in them, as a consequence of their commitment to the circular economy.

The National Consortium of Rubber Industries (Consorcio Nacional de Industriales del Caucho)

It is the Spanish rubber business organization, sectorial interlocutor with the Administrations and Public and Private Organizations, both national and international, and is a direct member of the rubber organization in Europe ETRMA (European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association) and FEIQUE (Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation).

It was founded in 1948 and is currently made up of four different groups:

– Transformers of Tires and Non-Tyres and Rubber Mixers (CNAE 22.1)

-Producers and Distributors of Raw Materials for Industry.

– Manufacturers and Distributors of Machinery for the Industry

– Distributors of rubber products

The companies associated with the Rubber Consortium represent approximately 85% of the turnover of CNAE 22.1 “rubber processing sector” in Spain, an industry made up of 300 processing companies and whose turnover in 2019 was around 5,100 million € giving direct employment to about 22,200 people. 

The significance of this award. 

For us, this award is nothing more than an incentive, a boost to be able to continue along this path that we started years ago, strengthening our commitment to respect the planet and the will to reduce the environmental impact that our activity generates. 

Because we know, like any other activity, that it generates it, but we must be part of the solution. 

We are proud to receive such an award, but this type of award cannot be just one more in a showcase, but must remind us of the commitment we have made as a company, and which we must continue to maintain. Day by day. 

We hope that many more companies will join us on this path. 

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