Certificación “RESIDUO CERO” por Bureau Veritas: lo obtenemos por segunda vez consecutiva
Corporative Sustainability

Zero Waste certification by Bureau Veritas: awarded for the second consecutive time

At Bandex, we excel as experts in the manufacturing and trading of rubber elastic bands, a product regulated under the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), which has been in effect since December 202...

crisis marítima
Agriculture Corporative


It is time to prepare for the future, plan and organize. The great global pandemic is affecting the shipping industry, and although this problem may seem far away for some companies, producers or consumers, the...

Certificación RESIDUO CERO

Obtaining the “ZERO WASTE” certification by Bureau Veritas.

The world changes by example, not by opinion There is no greater truth than this. That is why since 2018 that our company starts a Sustainability Strategy. With the firm decision to exercise a responsi...


History from Martinsan to Bandex

We usually talk about our rubber bands and their different characteristics, uses and features, such as the fact that they are made of natural rubber and are recyclable. In this article, we would like to share w...

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