Rubber Bands for Industrial/Automotive Industry/Construction

Heavy duty industrial rubber bands

Industrial Anchor Band
A practical solution for fastening parts and wiring

The industrial sector requires low-cost solutions for the fastening and wiring of different parts that are easy to adopt, versatile, and reusable.

Bandex has developed tailored solutions for this sector, such as the industrial anchor band, which is widely used in the automotive ancillary industry for fastening wiring harnesses.

We currently manufacture and market industrial anchor bands for large benchmark companies across the world in sectors related to the automotive industry, construction, and DIY.

Applications of industrial bands

  • Tying of cables in harnesses in the automotive ancillary industry
  • Fastening of electrical cables and harnesses in various facilities, installation works, and alterations
  • Grouping and organisation of implements and tools in construction and DIY


  • Anchor-shaped head for a resistant fastening
  • With natural rubber for indoor use
  • With synthetic rubber or silicon to expose to weather
  • Also, available with flap for an easy unfastening


Adaptable to different objects

Diversity of colours and sizes

Firm fastening

Packaging of industrial bands

  • Bags of 100 g, 500 g, 1 Kg / Boxes of 20 Kg
  • Customised packaging

How to measure the band?

Imagen de Industrial Sector
Imagen de Industrial Sector

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BANDEX offers a wide range of industrial anchor bands in various sizes and colors. Made of natural rubber, they are highly elastic and provide a secure hold for interior spaces.

In the automotive sector, our rubber anchors are the key tying product. Unlike other systems such as plastic ties, they can be easily tied and untied by hand, making them reusable. Additionally, the variety of colors we offer helps to differentiate them from the tied cables, preventing any damage when removing them.

If you require more information about the uses of our anchor rubber bands, the sizes available, and the packaging formats we offer, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We would be happy to advise you on your purchase.

As specialized manufacturers of natural rubber anchor bands, we cater to the wiring sector for automotive, household appliances, and industrial applications. If you are a supplier or involved in this sector, feel free to request free samples to be sent to you.

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