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Obtaining the “ZERO WASTE” certification by Bureau Veritas.

The world changes by example, not by opinion

There is no greater truth than this.

That is why since 2018 that our company starts a Sustainability Strategy.

With the firm decision to exercise a responsible leadership in the manufacture of rubber elastic rubber, we implemented a Waste Management System, which led us today to have this great news:

Obtaining the “ZERO WASTE” certification by Bureau Veritas.

Imagen de Obtaining the "ZERO WASTE" certification by Bureau Veritas.

What is the Bureau Veritas certificate?

Bureau Veritas is a global testing, inspection and certification services company.

It offers services and solutions to ensure that its clients’ assets, products, infrastructure and processes comply with standards and regulations in the areas of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Certification to nationally or internationally recognized management standards and norms enables your organization to continuously improve. It provides the certification and training services that companies need to reduce risk and inspire confidence.

Environmental impacts

The overexploitation of resources for the manufacture of products of all kinds causes enormous environmental impacts, not only for the extraction of resources but also for the processing of waste generated from extraction, during the manufacturing process and at the end of the product’s useful life, including impacts at all intermediate stages.

As one of the ways to mitigate the impact of a traditional economy system, an economic model is proposed in which the flow of materials is no longer linear.


To recognize the efforts of organizations moving towards a circular model, Bureau Veritas has developed its own scheme to verify and recognize the quantities of waste generated that avoid landfill as a destination, taking advantage of other routes, such as recovery, recycling or valorization.

To this end, it evaluates the waste control and monitoring system and its performance, and depending on the level achieved, a recognition is issued. In our case, we have obtained the level of alternative management to landfill of between 60 – 80 % of the waste generated.

Our commitment, to continue

Guided by our commitment to respect the planet and our desire to reduce the environmental impact generated by our activity, we want to implement responsible management in all the processes of our value chain to minimize waste generation and ensure sustainable production and consumption methods.

We will develop our activity by recovering the different types of waste generated in order to try to reintroduce them into the market and prevent them from being disposed of in landfills, and we will focus on the consumption of recycled materials and renewable energies such as solar thermal energy.

Our commitment to the environment therefore requires a three-fold implementation plan: production processes, product and people.

We want to contribute to an inclusive industrialization, involving our stakeholders: suppliers, customers and workers, promoting the adoption of good environmental practices.

By focusing on sustainability and incorporating circular economy criteria in our products and production processes, we will be ensuring the long-term success of our company as a model of responsible industry.

This is our part. Will you join us?

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