Rubber bands for Packaging

Packaging Solutions: Profesional rubber bands

Versatility and practicality
The best choice for the packaging and office material industry

In the packaging and office-material distribution industry, such a versatile and practical fastening product as our standard-use elastic rubber is essential. With the development of e-commerce, these industries have access to more end consumers, and the regular range of applications of rubber bands is broadened.

The current market trend in search of more sustainable products seeks to avoid the abuse of plastic fastening resources (wires, straps, pincers, films…): The elastic band made of natural rubber is the ideal solution for fastening all kinds of objects.

Applications for packaging

  • Multiple object fastening: Packing in e-commerce, office material, envelopes, bank notes, shoe boxes, toy sector… etc


  • Gentle wear elasticity and firmness for long-lasting support
  • Organic product: 100% natural rubber
  • Reusable
  • Wide range of sizes and colours
  • Low prices


Organic product

Easy to apply



  • Standard Bandex brand: Bags or boxes of 100g, 500g, 1 kg in boxes of 20 kg
  • Adaptation of brand and/or format according to client

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