Gomas elásticas para arreglos florales | Elastic Bands for tying flowes | Élastiques pour attacjer les fleurs | Elasticci per legare flori

Cut Flower and Elastic Bands: the Perfect Combination to Keep Flower Arrangements Fresh

The floral arrangement’s beauty lies in selecting flowers and how they are presented harmoniously while preserving their freshness. In this sense, elastic bands in floral arrangements are one of the most tying systems to ensure flowers remain intact and attractive for longer.

Discover the Role of Elastic Bands in Floral Conservation

Rubber bands are versatile tools that offer a practical solution for holding flower stems together after being cut and for floral arrangements. Its elasticity allows the stems to be held securely without causing damage, ensuring the flowers retain their original shape and position for longer.

What other advantages make rubber bands the best alternative for florists?

  • Stability: The product prevents flowers from shifting or falling out of the arrangement, which helps to maintain their aesthetics and freshness. 
  • Freshness preservation: It is waterproof, which makes it ideal for preserving the freshness and valuable life of the floral arrangement without losing moisture or damaging the stems due to the disintegration of the elastic.
  • Facilitates handling: This item’s 100% natural rubber material facilitates easy handling as it stretches without offering too much resistance, making it easier to apply. This is particularly useful for florists as it reduces the potential for damage when placing the rubber around stems and themselves.
  • Versatility: Rubber bands are a versatile option for creating floral designs because they can fit various flower sizes and types. However, it is essential to use the appropriate size of the rubber band to prevent any breakages or damage to the flowers.
Imagen de Cut Flower and Elastic Bands: the Perfect Combination to Keep Flower Arrangements Fresh
  • Durability: the elastic bands accompany the flowers throughout their useful life. It can remain for more than two years in arrangements where the flowers have gone through drying or other processes to prolong their durability.    

Techniques for Using Elastic Bands in Floral Arrangements

Knowing some techniques that maximize effectiveness and aesthetics is essential when using elastic bands in floral arrangements. Here, we share how to group the stems and hide the rubber bands.

Effective Stems Clustering

Grouping the stems correctly is crucial to guarantee stability and beauty when creating floral arrangements. Gathering the stems and securing them firmly with elastic bands create a solid support point that keeps the flowers upright and prevents them from sliding or falling out of the arrangement.

This technique provides significant benefits. Firstly, it guarantees that the flowers remain in place during transport and display, ensuring a flawless presentation of the floral arrangement. Further, keeping the stems grouped makes handling and arranging the arrangement easier, allowing the florist to work with greater precision and efficiency.

It is crucial to adjust the pressure of the elastic band to ensure the stability of the flowers without damaging them. Excessive pressure could harm the stems or affect the integrity of the flowers, while insufficient pressure could cause the flowers to shift or detach from the arrangement.

Gomas elásticas para arreglos florales | elastic bands in floral arrangements

Tips to Hide the Elastic Bands Within the Arrangement

Learning to hide the elastic bands within the arrangement is crucial to achieving a more aesthetic finish. These are some commonly used techniques:

  • Use foliage strategically: Incorporate additional green leaves or branches around the rubber bands to hide them. The leaves can naturally wrap around the stems and gums, creating a continuity effect in the floral arrangement.
  • Selecting elastics of the correct color: Choose bands in shades that harmoniously integrate with the color palette of the flowers. Opting for similar or complementary colors helps make the rubber bands less visible and blend in subtly with the arrangement.
  • Using Floral Tape: Wrap the stems and bands with thin, clear floral tape. This tape provides a clean and discreet finish, practically invisible to the naked eye.
  • Strategically placing flowers: Arrange the flowers to hide the bands between their leaves or natural sections. By carefully positioning the flowers, you can cover the rubber bands and create a harmonious visual effect in the arrangement.

Trends and Consumption of Cut Flowers in Spain for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most prominent dates on the business calendar for florists. The cut flower and ornamental plant sector is preparing to face sales days, representing 8% of annual turnover. In 2024, a stable evolution was expected compared to 2023, which is how it turned out.

According to the Spanish Association of Florists, “the bouquet of red roses is the timeless classic most in demand in florists for Valentine’s Day with an average volume of 800 stems sold, representing a weight of 70% of the products sold in the stores. Specialized florist shops on this holiday.”

These are other alternatives to the most common red roses that the AEF mentions: wild-style bouquets that combine different types of greens, such as eucalyptus, and flowers, such as alstroemerias or brunias; preserved flowers and the personalization of bouquets with flowers and colors according to all tastes.

Expert florists advise considering the freshness of the flowers before making a purchase. Look for flowers with firm, shiny petals without any spots or discolorations. The health of the stems should also be examined for any damage or bruises, and the cut ends of the stems should be clean and free of discoloration.

Another important factor to consider is the aroma of the flowers. Many cut flowers have a characteristic scent. Choosing flowers with a fresh fragrance and avoiding those with an unpleasant or absent odor is recommended, as this may indicate that the flower is not in its best condition.

Benefits of Using Bandex Elastic Bands in Floral Arrangements

The use of Bandex elastic bands in floral arrangements offers florists benefits such as:

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and quality standards: Bandex strives to meet the most rigorous standards in rubber production, ensuring that products meet the quality expectations of the floriculture sector.
  • Expert Knowledge: With years of experience in manufacturing natural rubber elastic bands, the company understands customers’ specific needs. This knowledge guides the manufacturing of high-quality products and adaptation to changing market demands.
  • Competitive prices: Bandex offers competitive prices given its manufacturing capacity, eliminating unnecessary costs without compromising quality.

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  • Stock availability: Bandex’s geographical location in Europe and its ability to manufacture on-demand guarantee greater flexibility in delivery times. This is crucial for customers in the agri-food sector as they can adapt to fluctuations in demand and ensure an agile and efficient supply chain.

We Are Europe’s Warehouse!

If you are interested in using natural rubber bands to bundle and tie your cut flowers or floral arrangements, you will find a wide range of reliable and durable options at Bandex. We are committed to providing simple solutions that work.

Imagen de Cut Flower and Elastic Bands: the Perfect Combination to Keep Flower Arrangements Fresh

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