Healthcare Solutions

Hypoallergenic elastic rubber
Latex free

Latex in natural rubber can cause allergic skin reactions in some people with more sensitive skin. It is advisable to use latex-free rubber articles and products in health centres to avoid allergies.

Our hypoallergenic elastic rubber does not contain latex and, therefore, it is vital in clinical test laboratories for the collection of blood and, in general, for the tying and fastening of medical equipment in hospitals, health, or pharmaceutical centres.


  • Tourniquet for blood extraction in clinical tests
  • Medical equipment fastening: Syringes, gauze, applicators
  • Organisation and fastening of hospital linens for transport


  • It protects against allergic reactions as it does not contain latex
  • Manufactured with top quality synthetic rubber
  • They offer excellent elongation and are very resistant
  • High durability



Diversity of colours and sizes


  • Bags of 100 g, 500 g, 1 Kg / Boxes of 20 kg
  • Customisable packaging
  • Other formats on request

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