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Anchor Band for outdoor use
The best choice for crop fastening

Trellising and arbor agricultural techniques, used in many crops, require a solution for tying and fastening that enables the growth of the plant without strangling it, and which is also strong, resistant, and fast.

Our Anchor Band is specially designed and manufactured to provide a solution to these needs: Its elasticity accompanies the growth of the plant, and the simplicity of its handling and its high resistance to weather make it ideal for tying fruit and decorative trees with guide or canes in trellis plantations. The Anchor Band is the optimal fastening for the vine shoot to the arbor in vine growing.

Applications for anchor bands

  • Tying and fastening in formation and arbor of vineyards
  • Tying and fastening with canes in olive grove crops, almond, fruit crops, ornamental and forestry…

Features anchor bands

  • Manufactured with top quality synthetic rubber and with ideal features compared to atmospheric agents: High resistance to sun exposure, ozone, and extreme temperatures.
  • The elasticity of the rubber enables the natural growth of the plant without strangling it
  • Easy to install, its anchor-shaped protrusion enables an optimal fastening, resistant to the weight of the fruit and to the power of the wind
  • Due to its agile handling, it saves time and labour compared to other vine arbor and trellising techniques such as raffia string or sleeve
  • Reusable and recyclable

Thermal changes / anti UV

Reusable / great durability

Easy to apply

Firmness / elasticity

Measures and Packaging

  • Wide range of measures: No. 3, No. 5, No. 8, No. 10, No. 12, No. 15, No. 18, No. 20, … to suit all crops: ‘How to measure an anchor band’
  • Standard: Bags of 1 kg, 5 kg and 8 kg with an optimum unit count per kilogram
  • Other formats on request

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How to measure the band?

Imagen de Agricultural Sector
Imagen de Agricultural Sector
Fabricante de Gomas Elásticas Bandex - Gomas Ancla
Fabricante de Gomas Ancla Elásticas Bandex
Fabricante de Gomas Ancla Elásticas Bandex
Fabricante de Gomas Elásticas Bandex - Gomas Ancla
Fabricante de Gomas Elásticas Bandex - Gomas Ancla

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