Goma ancla para viñedos: el aliado perfecto en el proceso de poda

Anchor Rubber Bands for Vineyards: the Perfect Ally in the Pruning Process

French wine has consistently been recognized worldwide for its quality. The vineyards of Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux have even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the heart of the French vineyards, whe...

What do staking fruit trees consist of?

What do fruit tree staking consist of?

A study by Statista states that the agricultural area dedicated to cultivating fruit worldwide amounted to approximately 66.5 million hectares in 2021. In the European Union (EU27), Spain was the first producer...

Anchor Bands for Tying Vineyards, the Best Ally for Quality Grapes Production

Spanish Wine Beats Exportation Records: Anchor Bands for Tying Vineyards, the Best Ally for Quality Grapes Production

Traveling through Spain and enjoying its gastronomy also means enjoying its best wines. How is the wine sector developing in the region? At the end of December 2022, Spain closed with 931,568 hectares of transf...

Gomas elásticas de caucho natural para el sector agroalimentario
Agri-food Agriculture

Rubber Bands for the Agri-Food Sector: How to Optimize Tying Time in your Crops?

Europe is still responsible for a significant part of the world’s food production, with steady growth in recent years. However, the industry faces significant challenges in terms of daily productivity tim...

Agriculture Rubber Anchor Band

What Anchor Rubber Band Do You Need for Your Crop? Learn How to Measure it.

One of the most recurring questions from customers is about the real needs and the Anchor Rubber Band’s measures for their crops. When on a budget, you read the following: Anchor Rubber Band No. 3, No....

Las nuevas plantaciones llaman la atención de los fondos de inversión
Agriculture Rubber Anchor Band

New plantations attract the attention of investment funds

There is no doubt that the agricultural sector is of high-level importance for the society. We all depend on alimentation, it is the basic need we have daily. However, just 10-15 years ago, the most of investor...

venta de frutas y hortalizas
Agri-food Agriculture

Sales of fruit and vegetables are growing

Sales of fruit and vegetables have grown, in value, by 0.3% in the last twelve months. This was the data presented by Nielsen at the AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress held in September in Valencia, Spain, whic...

Grociltura ecologica
Agriculture Agri-food

Spain occupies the first place in the area of organic agriculture.

The pandemic has reinforced the idea that food is a tool we have to feel better and, together with other factors, has helped us to take much more care of everything we eat. Spain ranks first in organic farming ...

aceite de oliva
Agri-food Agriculture

News: Spain’s olive oil 2022

Spain is the European Union (EU) country with the most olive tree crops with 55% of the total, according to data from Eurostat, the EU statistics office. In total, eight EU member states had areas of olive tree...


Carob, resistant and profitable

Carob pods are highly valued for various industrial processes. It has always been a basic product for farm animal feed, both in its primary state and ground to produce a flour that is highly accepted by poultry...