Goma ancla para entutorar | Anchor rubber bands for staking

Advantages of Using Anchor Rubber Bands for Staking

Crop staking is a fundamental agricultural practice involving supporting plants to guide their growth, ensuring better sun exposure, optimal aeration, and facilitating harvesting. This technique is crucial for ...

Gomas elásticas para arreglos florales | Elastic Bands for tying flowes | Élastiques pour attacjer les fleurs | Elasticci per legare flori

Cut Flower and Elastic Bands: the Perfect Combination to Keep Flower Arrangements Fresh

The floral arrangement’s beauty lies in selecting flowers and how they are presented harmoniously while preserving their freshness. In this sense, elastic bands in floral arrangements are one of the most ...

Goma estándar para el atado de hierbas aromáticas y medicinales

Discover the Use of the Elastic Band for Tying Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs

In the context of the conservation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, the process does not end with their cultivation; they must reach the consumer, maintaining their freshness, aroma, flavor, and medicinal prope...

Anchor Bands Transform the Spanish Agricultural Sector | Bandex

Discover How Anchor Bands Are Transforming the Spanish Agricultural Sector

The strategic relevance of agriculture in Spain continues to increase, both nationally and in the European context. This sector is a driver for the future despite the significant challenges it presents, especia...

La goma elástica estándar esencial para las cosechas de hortalizas

Why is the Elastic Band Essential for Vegetable Crops?

The world of agriculture is a scenario where dedication and precision are essential. Every tiny detail becomes a determining factor for the success or failure of a harvest. This truth becomes even more evident ...

Goma ancla para viñedos: el aliado perfecto en el proceso de poda

Anchor Rubber Bands for Vineyards: the Perfect Ally in the Pruning Process

French wine has consistently been recognized worldwide for its quality. The vineyards of Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux have even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the heart of the French vineyards, whe...

What do staking fruit trees consist of?

What do fruit tree staking consist of?

A study by Statista states that the agricultural area dedicated to cultivating fruit worldwide amounted to approximately 66.5 million hectares in 2021. In the European Union (EU27), Spain was the first producer...

Anchor Bands for Tying Vineyards, the Best Ally for Quality Grapes Production

Spanish Wine Beats Exportation Records: Anchor Bands for Tying Vineyards, the Best Ally for Quality Grapes Production

Traveling through Spain and enjoying its gastronomy also means enjoying its best wines. How is the wine sector developing in the region? At the end of December 2022, Spain closed with 931,568 hectares of transf...

Gomas elásticas industriales: una alternativa de fácil uso para el sector de la automoción

Industrial Rubber Bands: An Alternative Easy-to-Use for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry plays a crucial role in our society and is experiencing steady growth in the European market. According to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), around 301 ...

Gomas elásticas de caucho natural para el sector agroalimentario

Rubber Bands for the Agri-Food Sector: How to Optimize Tying Time in your Crops?

Europe is still responsible for a significant part of the world’s food production, with steady growth in recent years. However, the industry faces significant challenges in terms of daily productivity tim...

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