venta de frutas y hortalizas
Agri-food Agriculture

Sales of fruit and vegetables are growing

Sales of fruit and vegetables have grown, in value, by 0.3% in the last twelve months. This was the data presented by Nielsen at the AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress held in September in Valencia, Spain, whic...

Grociltura ecologica
Agri-food Agriculture

Spain occupies the first place in the area of organic agriculture.

The pandemic has reinforced the idea that food is a tool we have to feel better and, together with other factors, has helped us to take much more care of everything we eat. Spain ranks first in organic farming ...

aceite de oliva
Agri-food Agriculture

News: Spain’s olive oil 2022

Spain is the European Union (EU) country with the most olive tree crops with 55% of the total, according to data from Eurostat, the EU statistics office. In total, eight EU member states had areas of olive tree...


Carob, resistant and profitable

Carob pods are highly valued for various industrial processes. It has always been a basic product for farm animal feed, both in its primary state and ground to produce a flour that is highly accepted by poultry...

sector agricola
Agri-food Agriculture

Good News for Agro 2022

This 2022 has started strongly very strongly, therefore, we believe that this two, good news, can help you make the first decisions of the year. First to know that the government will allocate 345 million eu...

Elastic natural rubber bands
Agri-food Agriculture Aquaculture

No more plastic packaging envelopes for fruit and vegetables in supermarkets

Linking with the campaign #DesnudaLaFruta viralized in 2018, Spain will thus approach the French regulation that will ban, already from next year, this type of packaging, and which is in line with the recommend...

Agri-food Agriculture

France: Tying vegetables with rubber bands, avoiding plastic.

Therefore, they consider that it lacks any practical sense to wrap these fruits and vegetables in plastic, which often ends up going into the natural environment. Natural rubber bands An end to plastic overp...

caucho natural
Agri-food Agriculture

Rubber is everywhere.

Natural rubber is an essential raw material used in the creation of more than 40,000 products. It represents a USD 300 billion supply chain involving 40 million people (IRSG, 2019).  But despite the maj...


Keys to a perfect package for online store shipping

As the world of e-commerce develops, so do the expectations of the online shopping customer in parallel. Years ago, packaging and shipping were simply a way to receive a product purchased online. However, mo...

crisis marítima
Agriculture Corporative


It is time to prepare for the future, plan and organize. The great global pandemic is affecting the shipping industry, and although this problem may seem far away for some companies, producers or consumers, the...