Goma estándar para el atado de hierbas aromáticas y medicinales

Discover the Use of the Elastic Band for Tying Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs

In the context of the conservation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, the process does not end with their cultivation; they must reach the consumer, maintaining their freshness, aroma, flavor, and medicinal properties – such as antioxidants and bioactive compounds. This is only achieved through an efficient grouping of herbs after harvest.

Today, we will discuss the elastic band for tying aromatic and medicinal herbs, one of Europe’s most used tying and grouping systems for preserving and extending the useful life of herbs.

What Is the Elastic Band, and Why Is It Useful for Tying Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs?

The elastic band is a band composed exclusively of natural rubber without the addition of other synthetic or composite materials. It has elastic properties and, in turn, resistance, which makes it an efficient alternative for tying, holding, and grouping foods, such as aromatic and medicinal herbs.

Keep Herbs Fresh to Preserve Their Powerful Antimicrobial, Antifungal, and Antioxidant Properties

Aromatic and medicinal herbs are rich in antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties, making them essential components of a balanced diet. Their antimicrobial properties prevent the proliferation of pathogens, their antifungal properties prevent the growth of fungi, and their antioxidants combat oxidative stress.

These qualities not only enhance the flavor of the dishes but also provide health benefits: they provide essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients for the body by combating oxidative stress, reducing cellular damage, and helping to prevent chronic diseases; many have effects anti-inflammatory, others facilitate digestion and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms, promoting intestinal health.

How do we preserve these nutrients and properties? The elastic band is a fundamental ally. Its elastic hold prevents excessive compression during storage, ensuring that herbs maintain their original shape and retain their beneficial compounds.

This also facilitates proper air circulation between the herbs, preventing the accumulation of moisture and the growth of unwanted microorganisms, such as the proliferation of pathogens and fungi.

Prevent Breakage of Herbs During Handling and Storage Processes

Improper handling and storage of herbs can cause irreversible damage to the products. Therefore, the elastic band securely holds the herbs’ packages and prevents them from crumbling or detaching during handling and transport, ensuring that too much pressure is not exerted that could damage the herbs.

Goma estándar para el atado de hierbas aromáticas y medicinales | Elastic Band for tying aromatic and medicinal herbs

Achieving an Adequate Drying Process Favors the Concentration of Nutrients in Herbs

Drying is one of the most used techniques to preserve the nutrients of aromatic and medicinal herbs. Removing moisture prevents the proliferation of microorganisms, ensuring food safety and prolonging the shelf life of herbs.

Controlled dehydration preserves the structural integrity of the herbs, preventing loss of shape and ensuring uniform distribution of their nutrients. This improves stability and storage and facilitates its culinary and medicinal use.

Rubber bands are also used in this process. We already discussed how its elastic property ensures optimal air circulation around each plant. This is essential for drying processes, as it allows uniform heat distribution and ensures that the drying process is homogeneous, maximizing the concentration of nutrients.

Facilitate the Organization and Storage of Herbs

Correctly organizing and storing medicinal and aromatic herbs ensures the quality of the products and optimizes production processes by reducing the time and resources required for their handling. Additionally, it facilitates inventory tracking and production planning, ensuring adequate supply to meet market demand.

Rubber bands are a versatile product used at all stages of the herb conservation, marketing, and consumption chain. Its resistance to extreme temperatures and waterproof properties make it an efficient option. In addition, its availability in different colors facilitates identification and quick access to each variety, as well as its classification according to rotation status.

The Leading European Producers Use the 100% Natural Rubber Elastic Band for Tying Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs

At Bandex – a Spanish company specializing in the manufacturing and trading elastic bands – we produce a high-quality rubber band optimal for those looking for a reliable and sustainable solution in the herb conservation chain. These are some of the advantages of use identified by European producers:

  • 100% natural rubber: The elastic band manufactured in Bandex is intended for the agri-food sector, floriculture, and the tying of aromatic herbs. It is based on 100% natural rubber, an exclusively natural product, which comes from the latex of the Hevea brasiliensis tree.
  • Food Safety: Bandex rubber band is certified for food contact and meets the requirements for use and implementation throughout the supply chain.
  • Moisture Resistance: The elastic band’s high moisture resistance ensures that herbs remain mold-free and degradation-free, even in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Adaptability to extreme temperatures: The elastic band’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, from -48ºC to 93ºC, guarantees its effectiveness in various climatic environments throughout the year. This makes it a versatile choice for herb growers and distributors in different regions.
  • Reusable: Compared to other products, the Bandex elastic band can be reused at different points in the herbal supply chain. This reduces waste generation, contributing to more environmentally friendly practices.
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  • Wide range of sizes and colors: Bandex manufactures and tailors elastic bands to our customers’ needs. Therefore, we offer different sizes and product colors.
  • Versatile packaging: Bandex standard packaging, with options of 25kg bags or 20kg boxes in 1kg bags, provides flexibility in distribution and storage. The possibility of additional formats upon request demonstrates Bandex’s adaptability to meet specific customer requirements.

How to Preserve Your Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs for Longer?

The conservation of aromatic and medicinal herbs on a large scale involves specific strategies to ensure the quality and durability of the products. Some essential practices include:

Efficient drying

Implementing drying methods such as low-temperature dehydration or controlled air drying is essential to prolong the shelf life of herbs and preserve their medicinal and aromatic properties. In this process, a grouping system such as elastic bands stands out as an organic product made with 100% natural rubber, suitable for contact with food, and offering elastic support without damaging the product.

Vacuum sealed packaging

Employ vacuum packaging machines to hermetically seal herbs in bags or other containers, removing oxygen that can affect the freshness and potency of the herbs.

Proper storage

Investing in warehouses with temperature and humidity control systems is essential to preserve the freshness and quality of aromatic and medicinal herbs.

Using rubber bands as a fastening method is vital since this organic product is highly resistant to humidity and extreme temperature changes. In addition, its soft elastic fastening offers an effective solution without damaging the product.

Use of sustainable packaging

Opt for biodegradable or recyclable packaging that protects herbs and reduces environmental impact. Seek solutions that balance product conservation with sustainable practices, such as natural rubber bands.

The Bandex elastic band emerges as a complete and reliable solution for tying aromatic and medicinal herbs. From its food safety to its ability to adapt to various environmental conditions, this band becomes an essential ally in the conservation chain, ensuring that herbs reach consumers with freshness, quality, and benefits intact.

Contact our team! and receive guidance from specialists in natural rubber bands to find the product that best suits your aromatic and medicinal herbs.

Imagen de Discover the Use of the Elastic Band for Tying Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs

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