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Discover How Anchor Bands Are Transforming the Spanish Agricultural Sector

The strategic relevance of agriculture in Spain continues to increase, both nationally and in the European context. This sector is a driver for the future despite the significant challenges it presents, especially related to climate change and water stress. Keep reading and note how anchor bands are transforming the Spanish agricultural sector.

What has been trending in 2023? 

At the beginning of 2023, Juan Francisco Delgado -Vice President of the European Foundation for Innovation- pointed out some of the trends that would be key in 2023 through a graphic work carried out by the Open AI platform on the interpretation of agri-food trends in 2023, with a projection until 2030: innovation in the fields of alternative proteins, biotechnology, traceability, vertical agriculture, local product sales platforms, and waste conversion.

The digitalization of fields has been in crescendo in 2023 through controlled and precision irrigation techniques, real-time management of crop data, the use of ERP systems to manage operations, the introduction of devices to predict rainfall patterns and improve water cycles, as well as the use of drones to obtain a better overview of the state of the crops.

It is also seen applied to food production, known as “foodtech“. This trend has been consolidating since 2022 when Spain was declared a “Foodtech nation, reaching an investment of 268 million euros, according to the annual study by Eatable Adventures, “The State of Foodtech in Spain 2022“.

The continuous work towards zero waste agriculture characterizes the Spanish agricultural sector in the production and sales stages, where 13% waste is estimated throughout the entire supply chain.

On the other hand, the entry into force of the new Common Agricultural Policy that will extend until 2027, which seeks to “foster an intelligent, competitive, resilient and diversified agricultural sector that guarantees long-term food security; support and strengthen environmental protection; and strengthen the socio-economic fabric of rural areas.”

Agriculture based on efficient crops with less consumption of natural resources and greater use of innovative technologies; this is the reality that the Spanish agricultural sector has followed in 2023.

Know the Use of Anchor Bands in the Spanish Agricultural Sector

In agricultural processes of plants that require staking for optimal growth and use of their fruits, tying systems play an essential role. This article will discuss one of the most used in Spain: EPDM Anchor Bands.

Anchor Bands for agriculture | BANDEX

The Best Choice for Crop Fastening

The healthy growth of a plant is a clear indicator of its well-being. Anchor bands are an ideal alternative for crop tying as they are designed for outdoor application, resisting high and low temperatures and all weather conditions.

Their use extends for over two years in situ or throughout the plant’s exploitation season. Additionally, it is a reusable product that can be removed and repositioned if necessary. Another advantage of anchor bands is that the material they are made of leaves no residues or causes damage, ensuring the ideal development of plants.

There’s a Compatible Size for Every Plantation

At Bandex, we manufacture and market more than 20 sizes of anchor bands that cater to the specific needs of each crop and each of our clients. Furthermore, we have a team of professionals specialized in the uses and applications of our products.

Avoid Strangling Your Crops

Anchor bands provide secure fastening; they snugly fit around the plant and the support, maintaining the necessary stability to withstand growth. Their elastic characteristics allow the plant to follow its growth course. Unlike other rigid materials such as twine, anchor bands stretch gradually along with the natural thickening of the plant, thus avoiding growth restrictions or compression damage.

Easy to Install: No Tools Needed

The application of anchor bands does not require other tools, batteries, replacements, adjustments, or technical services like other tying systems. It is a simple product to install and remove; just stretch one of its ends and hook it with the anchor-shaped head. To remove it, simply pull, and you’re done!

Versatile Application – From Vineyards to Olive Trees to Fruit Trees

The wide range of available sizes allows anchor bands to be used in different types of crops, regardless of the thickness of their stems. Therefore, they can be found in vineyards, olive groves, or various espalier fruit trees that require staking for higher-quality fruit.

Anchor Bands for agriculture | BANDEX

The anchor band also finds extended application in closing protectors for plantations, representing added value as a versatile product used in various plant parts.

Having a European Anchor Bands Manufacturer Like Bandex Comes With Numerous Advantages

We understand how challenging it can be to find a reliable supplier with available stock, in-house manufacturing capabilities, and favorable customer payment terms. At Bandex, we have our infrastructure for manufacturing our products, allowing us to:

  • Guide our customers based on the expertise of specialized professionals in using our products
  • Produce all sizes applicable to each type of plantation
  • Offer different packaging formats according to the needs of our customers
  • Ensure that our products meet production standards and the quality expectations of the agricultural sector
  • Provide excellent commercial conditions, competitive prices, and payment facilities to our customers
  • Ensure product availability according to market demands, regardless of order size

If you already use anchor bands in your plantations or if it’s your first time with our product, at Bandex, you will find a wide range of sizes and a specialized guide. Our mission is to provide simple solutions that help develop efficient staking processes. We have the stock you need.

We stand as Europe’s warehouse!

Anchor Bands for agriculture | BANDEX

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