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Agriculture Rubber Anchor Band

What Anchor Rubber Band Do You Need for Your Crop? Learn How to Measure it.

One of the most recurring questions from customers is about the real needs and the Anchor Rubber Band’s measures for their crops.

When on a budget, you read the following: Anchor Rubber Band No. 3, No. 5, No. 8, etc… What do all these denominations mean?

It is important to know how to measure an Anchor Rubber Band and which numeric denomination it corresponds. This information is essential at the moment to correctly determine the real needs. While we do not have this information, you might buy an anchor band that does not correspond to its proper dimension: it measures less, weighs less, and, therefore, appears to be cheaper, but in reality, it is not adequate for our needs.

To compare prices correctly, you have to know exactly what size you need because it may be the case that you are buying anchor band no. 8 from manufacturer X, but it measures 7 cm. The dimension of the anchor band greatly influences its unit weight and, therefore, its price. In this article, we will teach you how to correctly measure the Anchor Rubber Band.

Do you know which Anchor Rubber Band’s measure you need for your crops and what measure you buy from your supplier?

To tie the tree with the stake in the case of fruit trees, new plantations, or vineyards, there is nothing more effective than using the Anchor Rubber Band because it does not strangle the tree and allows it to grow with full force. You will be able to secure your plant to the stake in addition to closing the protector, as Anchor Rubber Band is much faster than PVC coated cord and safer than Agricultural Automatic Hand Held Twist Tie Machine that, despite saving time in the long term, cause strangulation. It can be tied and fastened with stakes in olive, almond, fruit, ornamental and forestry crops. It is reusable and resistant to inclement weather and is reusable; therefore, it will serve you for many years. Moreover, no special tools are needed, and it’s easy to install them by hand.

Will the number correspond to the length of the Anchor Rubber Band in centimeters?

Many customers have doubts in the moment of size choosing. In reality, it is not difficult at all to measure well the Anchor Rubber Band, but not everyone knows how to do it, and then the mischief can arise that you buy an anchor band that does not correspond to its actual size to try to make it look cheaper. Here in our video, we teach you how to measure correctly the Anchor Rubber Band.

Nothing more is needed than to have a graduated ruler and to support the Anchor Rubber Band to the “0” point of the ruler where the anchor part ends, then to put the anchor band walls together so there is no space between them. The distance between the two bands’s ends is precisely the length’s size.

Now, let’s imagine that the result is 8 centimeters. What number of anchor bands should you order? You obviously need the Anchor Rubber Band number 8 in this case. The length in centimeters corresponds to the number of the denomination.

Another important Rubber Anchor Band measure you should know how to measure is the rubber’s “width.” The same rubber’s length and size can have different widths. The greater the width is, the greater the rubber’s grip and force are. In our picture, we show you how to measure it.

It is true that the rubber’s width, because it is a small and narrow measure, is more difficult to measure correctly only with a simple graduated ruler, and it is done with greater precision in the production itself, instead of the length, which is relatively easy to identify without errors.


Now that you know how to measure the Rubber Anchor Band correctly, you can probably do it without any help. We recommend you measure the rubber before ordering to see what you are buying.

Do not hesitate to ask us for information without compromise; contact us at or call us at +34 965 10 76 03. We will advise you on choosing the right Rubber Anchor Band size necessary in your particular case.

We send our customers free samples to understand better the number of Rubber Anchor Bands you need. Our Rubber Anchor Band is specially designed and manufactured with top-quality synthetic rubber to solve your needs.

Important: you must also consider that we sell our Rubber Anchor Band in standard format in 1kg and 5kg bags with an optimal unit count per kilogram, but other formats can be requested.

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