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Rubber bands in agriculture

Elastic rubber bands have endless possibilities and are an ideal solution for crop support. In the agricultural sector, the queen of elastic rubber band for outdoor cultivation is the so-called anchor band. Thanks to its elasticity, the anchor band helps the correct growth of the crop and respects the natural growth of the plants. Specifically, the anchor band is used in fruit, olive, almond, ornamental or forestry crops, and it is the optimal fastening for the vine shoot to the arbor in vine growing.

Wine is one of the hallmarks of Spain. Our country is the one that dedicates more land to the cultivation of the vine. According to data from the Vineyard Survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Spain has a total area of vineyards for winemaking of about one million hectares. In this context, the exterior anchor rubber becomes essential in guiding and securing the vineyard’s branches to the tutor.

Why choose outdoor anchor rubber?

Trellising and arbor agricultural techniques, used in many crops, require a solution for tying and fastening that enables the growth of the plant without strangling it, and which is also strong, resistant, and fast. For this reason, we recommend the use of anchor rubber to secure crops.

Our anchor rubber is specially formulated and designed to provide a solution to these needs: its elasticity accompanies the growth of the plant and the simplicity of its handling and its high durability outdoors make it ideal for tying fruit or ornamental trees to guides or stakes in trellis plantations.

Anchor gum also provides a vine training system that is particularly suitable for vines, as anchor gum tying in vineyards serves to secure the vine shoot to the vine training.

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Characteristics of the anchor rubber

Our anchor rubber is made of premium synthetic rubber with ideal performance against atmospheric agents, with high resistance to sun exposure, ozone and extreme temperatures.

Easy to install, its anchor-shaped protrusion enables an optimal fastening, resistant to the weight of the fruit and to the power of the wind. Due to its agile handling, it saves time and labour compared to other vine arbor and trellising techniques such as raffia string or sleeve. Another point in their favor is that they are reusable and recyclable.

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