Goma ancla industrial para el sector de la automoción
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Industrial anchor rubber for the automotive sector

The automotive industry requires inexpensive solutions to bundle wiring during the manufacturing process and part assembly, and industrial anchor rubber is a versatile and reusable, easy-to-apply solution.

Anchor rubbers are rubber rings with an anchor-shaped flange and are used for fastening parts and wiring. The industrial anchor rubber adapts to different objects, allows a firm and resistant hold and can be manufactured in a variety of colors and sizes. They also exist in natural rubber and synthetic rubber or silicone and for greater comfort the anchor rubbers can be manufactured with a tongue that allows easy untying.

For indoor uses, we recommend natural rubber anchor band.  On the other hand, if the anchor band may be exposed to UV o high temperatures, it is advisable to use those made of synthetic rubber or silicone that offer greater resistance to extreme conditions and temperature changes.

Bandex has developed tailor-made solutions such as natural rubber industrial anchor rubber, widely used in the automotive auxiliary industry for fastening in wiring harnesses. It is a much more versatile product than the conventional flange: the anchor rubber is flexible, easy to open, reusable and does not need to be cut like the flange to open it. It is a natural, economic, simple and recyclable product, thus reducing the minimal environmental impact required of the automotive industry.

At Bandex we serve large industrial groups that supply the wiring to large automobile firms, including the Aptiv Group. Our clients in this sector are located in multiple countries such as Morocco, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Mexico, Turkey, etc.

Other applications of industrial anchor rubber

The industrial anchor rubber in addition to the automotive sector can be used to fasten cables and electrical harnesses in various installations, in works and reforms of all kinds. In addition to the grouping and order of utensils and construction and DIY too

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