Las nuevas plantaciones llaman la atención de los fondos de inversión
Agriculture Rubber Anchor Band

New plantations attract the attention of investment funds

There is no doubt that the agricultural sector is of high-level importance for the society. We all depend on alimentation, it is the basic need we have daily. However, just 10-15 years ago, the most of investors saw investments in the agricultural sector in Europe as a high-risk and low-return activity.

Over the last few years the situation has changed considerably. The amount of funds seeking to invest in the agri-food sector has multiplied by fifteen (!). One of the most important aspects that attracts investors in this sector is the continuous increase in the demand for alimentation, since according to different estimates, the food production will grow between 60% and 70% to be able to feed the world population in the years 2050 (approximately 9 billion people). Another equally important aspect is that the agri-food sector shows quite solid economic data, because it is not common to invest in a sector that offers such high returns of up to 15%. Let us not also forget the growth opportunities, subsidies from the European Union and sustainable sources that make the agricultural sector so attractive for investors.

If we talk about Spain in particular, according to different reports from consultants, thanks to its water resources (in addition to its high availability – more than 4 million – of irrigated land) and its warm Mediterranean climate (the greatest number of sunny days possible and the high temperatures for most of the year, depending on the area), the Iberian Peninsula has recently again attracted international agricultural investors. Given the opportunity and advantage of investments in agricultural products such as dried fruits, citrus, vegetables, wine, olive oil and other fruit and vegetable crops.

In recent years in Spain there have been several large merger and acquisition operations, most of which were at the initiative of private equity funds and the value of which varies depending on the region and the type of crop. The Government of Spain also shows its interest and support in the agricultural sector and therefore proposes allocating 345 million to promote modernization, competitiveness and biosafety until 2023.

Nowadays, there are several proposals on the Market by investment funds on new plantations and their new advanced planting and growth technologies. These proposals are very attractive for the dried fruit market, where almond trees are in the first place, as the new plantation of the future together with olive trees. On the list are also hazelnuts, avocados, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, etc. Apart from nuts, obviously, there are many proposals for new plantations of other fruit trees, such as orange trees and, of course, the wine sector.

Thanks to the new technology used in the new plantations, the number of treesper hectare can be increased 10-20 times more and so the number of kilos of harvest per hectare multiplies the profitability of the project. The greatest advantage of these projects, there is no doubt, is that they offer the entire advisory system that includes not only the financial analysis, but also the entire planting and growth methodology.

In fact, one of the indispensable phases in new plantations is to stake the. The best solution that can be found is, obviously, the Rubber Anchor Band, which has several indisputable advantages. First of all, it does NOT strangle, it stretches up to 4 times its size, avoiding injuries and guaranteeing the growth of the fruit. It is easy to apply with your hands even wearing gloves, so you do NOT need special tools. It is very resistant, which is why it is able to withstand all inclement weather, strong wind gusts and lasts more than 5 years in the plant. It is reusable, either for a new harvest or to accompany the plant during its growth. The Rubber Anchor Band is compatible with all types of crops, unlike Agricultural Automatic Hand Held Twist Tie Machine whose use is more limited to guiding the grape shoots. You can tie up and not worry as there is a compatible measure for each plantation, for example: vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees, etc. That is why the Rubber Anchor Band is fundamental to hold the trunk to the stake and to close the protector. 

If you are dedicated to new plantations, the Rubber Anchor Bandof our brand Bandex will be your main ally, because it will be able to secure your plant to the stake in addition to closing the protector.The Rubber Anchor Band resists strong wind gusts and inclement weather.It adapts to the plant growth without causing injuries, but holding firmly.

Do not hesitate to ask us for information without any agreement, feel free to contact us at or call us at +34 965 10 76 03, we will advise you how to get the most out of your new plantation and obtain the best results.

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