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Good News for Agro 2022

This 2022 has started strongly very strongly, therefore, we believe that this two, good news, can help you make the first decisions of the year.

First to know that the government will allocate 345 million euros until 2023 to modernize the agricultural sector, but also that the Council of Ministers until December 31, 2023 the deadline for holders of agricultural holdings to access subsidies for actions aimed at saving energy.

We summarize here these two novelties. 

The Government allocates 345 million to modernize the agricultural sector. 

Modernization may perhaps be the first step to be taken in the first months of the year, so this news can be very good. 

The Government will allocate 345 million euros until 2023 to modernize the agricultural sector and promote its competitiveness and biosecurity, within the aids included in the recovery plan of the coronavirus crisis.

The Council of Ministers has approved a royal decree with the regulatory bases for the granting of two lines of aid, one for biosecurity in animal and plant health, and the other for improving the sustainability and competitiveness of agriculture and livestock.

This second line will have a total budget of 307 million euros, divided into four support programs.

One of them will be aimed at manure management and improving the environmental efficiency of outdoor storage facilities. 

Another program will serve for the modernization of horticultural greenhouses, cut flowers and ornamental plants to improve structures and their energy efficiency, incorporate drip irrigation and fertigation systems, install sensors and climate control systems, take advantage of rainwater or install composting plants.

The MAPA has specified that the beneficiaries of the aid may be owners of farms or agronomic service companies, while support for consortiums and other forms of public-private collaboration is foreseen.

Although these lines of aid have been active since November, the deadline was extended to 6 months in order to achieve greater dissemination and attract beneficiaries. 

Aid for energy saving in agriculture

If the first steps for 2022 are related to energy saving, it will be very good news to know that the aid for energy saving in agriculture has been extended until 2023.

The Council of Ministers has extended this Tuesday until December 31, 2023 the deadline for holders of agricultural holdings to access subsidies for actions aimed at energy saving.

The subsidy program, coordinated by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), was approved by the Government in March, with a budget of 30 million euros, but now came the news of the extension. 

The support covers up to 30% of the costs for the execution of the projects that each company implements and whose actions must prove a reduction in energy consumption of 10% in the farm, according to the royal decree approved by the Executive at that time.

Its purpose is to favor renewable energies and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to the fulfillment of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030.

“The extension of the program’s period of validity for two more years will ensure that the initially planned actions are implemented, in line with the obligations to reduce energy consumption established by European regulations, as well as the possibility of carrying out other actions that contribute to the economic and social recovery after the pandemic,” according to a statement from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

The recipients of this aid are, among others, individuals or legal entities, private or public, owners of a farm; irrigation communities or other water management organizations, citizen energy communities and energy service companies.

We close this year of articles in our blog with this news for a sector to which we provide our Natural Rubber Elastic Rubber product, which we know will be of great impulse and help to achieve the stability sought.

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