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Solutions for other applications

Infinite possibilities

Bandex rubber bands in the form of a ring, band or anchor have many advantages over other fastening systems: They are multipurpose, adaptable to the size of objects, reusable, cos-effective, and practical.

In natural or synthetic rubber or in silicon, depending on the material selected in terms of its use and required lifespan, the applications of elastic rubber are infinite, both in the industrial and storage field, as well as in the domestic environment.

Our clients belong to sectors as diverse as: The canning industry, the ham drying industry, the footwear and insole manufacturing industry, the packaging industry, graphic arts companies, egg product companies, office material distributors… etc. In any field, having elastic rubber for fastening purposes is essential.


  • Identification of the part in the curing process of ham drying
  • Fastening for traditionally made preserve jars
  • Grouping of hangers in the clothing industry
  • Cable tying in the domestic environment
  • Grouping of parts in the demountable furniture sector
  • …etc


  • Natural, synthetic or silicon rubber
  • Multiple sizes and colours
  • Elasticity and durability




Easy to use


  • Standard Bandex brand: Bags or boxes of 100g, 500g, 1 kg in boxes of 20 kg
  • Adaptation of brand and/or format according to client

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